Thursday, 16 November 2017


"Imagine with all your mind.....Believe with all your heart....Achieve with all your might..."
Mountliterans in the pursuit of achieving new heights #internationalschoolaward #UN panorama
Students of classes I-VII represented 7 major UN states (USA, India, Australia, Germany, Japan, China, Russia). Students represented above mentioned 7 UN states and gathered the information regarding the states from magazines, newspapers, yearbook, encyclopedias and internet during their Library and IT period. Students also took guidance from the "LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS" project based on all the UN states in our school. A class was assigned to showcase each UN state. Parents were invited to school where they experienced the procedure of travelling overseas by following all the steps from grant of VISA on their Passport to all the formalities at the Airport and then they enjoyed their journey to different UN states.